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Naturalness, serenity,
down-to-earth - simply feel good,
relax and have a great breakfast!


Our farm is situated on the sunny side of the valley Tiers between 1.100 and 1.200 meters above sea level. Our nearly 3.5 ha of meadows surround our farm and reach up to the adjacent forest. The forest consists of pine and spruce forest with single trees. On the meadow area there are smaller woods with perennials, which make an enormous contribution to the biodiversity. This year we are starting the conversion to an organic farm and accordingly we only use organic products for our agriculture. The meadows around the farm are one big bee pasture. Discover for yourself the numerous herbs and natural useful plants that grow here just like that and are the staple food of our dwarf zebu!

Don't hesitate to ask for a guided tour of the farm and experience our farm up close with haymaking, a visit to the stables and an excursion through our gardens!

Berry garden

Our berry garden at the Veraltenhof is hidden at the lower edge of our meadows. There are mainly native berries, like the red and black currant, blackberry, blackberry, jostaberry and raspberry.


Herb garden

The herb beds can be found everywhere on the farm. Be it above the courtyard, in front of the front door or on the terrace, whoever opens their eyes will see the plants grow! We cultivate the following herbs: Rosemary, thyme, lavender, mountain savory, sage, wormwood, peppermint, balm, marigold and cornflower.



The bees are the most important farm animals of the people. Without the industrious insects, the pollination of many plants would fail to occur. Besides, the bees produce delicious honey, which is proven to be beneficial to health. Taste our honey at breakfast!


Our pets

Our pets include the two cuddly tomcats Blacky and Obelix. While Blacky is the nimble mouse hunter, fat Obelix lies lazily in the sun all day long. Our three dwarf rabbits are always looking forward to a visit with many delicious treats. The absolute boss is our dog Nino. He seems to be dozing all day long, sees and hears everything and announces new guests with barking! Don't worry, he loves to be caressed! Our three little guinea pigs, which either eat or squeak, are new to the game.


Dwarf Zebu

A speciality of our farm are our dwarf zebu. The somewhat strange mini cattle with hump are ideal landscape conservationists and also taste good! The calves are born under the open sky and are supplied with milk by the mother cow. Our small herd with one bull spends the winter months in the free-range stable above the farm on the Veralten-Schwaige, a open barn. In summer, the mother cows and their calves are in the summer pasture below the Rosengarten near the Plafötsch-Alm and Haniger Schwaige. A visit is definitely worthwhile!


Unsere Anschrift

Evelyn Patzleiner
Oberstrasse 12
39050 Tiers (BZ)
Südtirol - Italien
Tel.: +39 347 9841576






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